December Beauty Favourites


Happy New Year! I hope you had an amazing New Years no matter how you chose to celebrate and stayed safe! Personally, I am really looking forward to what 2015 will bring and cannot wait to see what that will be! If you are reading this post right now, that means that you have taken the time out of your day to read what I have written and for that, I am very grateful and thankful! 🙂 Keep reading to find out about my December Beauty Faves!

Muji Drawers: I finally got my hands on these!! You can buy these online but if you live in Australia although, the online prices and shipping rates are pretty crazy. Hence why I bought mine from the Muji store – there are quite a few of these popping up now! These drawers are a lot more affordable than the make up drawers from The Makeup Box Shop and quality wise – there is hardly any difference. Not technically a ‘beauty item’ but because it holds beauty items – I decided to allow this product in my favourites 🙂


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette: I cannot rave about this absolutely stunning palette enough. The colours, swatches, shades and end result are all gorgeous! I have been pretty much using this blush palette almost every single day since I got it (thank-you boo! <3) and have not been disappointed in the slightest. I use every colour and do not put a highlight on top as I find this product glows enough on its own! If this is something that you are considering purchasing I would definitely recommend!


MAC Prep and Prime Transparent Settiing Powder: This product has quickly become my favourite setting powder of all time. I use this product almost every single day and it is something that I will definitely continue to re-purchase. Not only does it set your make-up and give you a matte look but it also seems to give your skin this soft veil appearance. I cannot even explain this correctly – it is something that you will need to test and try on your own skin. If this is a product that you are thinking about purchasing – I recommend to pop on over to your local MAC counter and test this product out!


Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer: I have been very late to the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer bandwagon and very late to getting into Too Faced products in general! This product is a recent purchase of mine but has shot to the top of my favourite list in regards to bronzers. It gives a great finish, is long lasting and does not give you that ‘dirty’ appearance that some bronzers tend to have! You know, when you do your make up but it then looks like you have smudged mud on your face? Yeah, not like that at all 🙂


Too Faced Sweetheart Blush: On the days that I haven’t been using the Hourglass Blush Palette – I have been using this product. This is such a gorgeous blush and another one of those products that is quite shimmery so you do not necessarily need a highlight on top to achieve that glowy look. You can dip your brush in solely one of the three colours or drag it across all three to achieve a lovely light pink shade. I will definitely purchase another one of these for my collection!