Chanel Nail Polish Review

Chanel polish

At $40 AUD a pop these nail polishes are no joke. However, these products are so stunningly gorgeous and I am the type of person who would rather have a few good quality shades/bottles of nail polish than a drawer full of not-so-great quality polishes that last a mere day or 2 without chipping!

I own 5 different polishes in the shades; May, Orange Fizz, Emprise, Pink Tonic and Rouge Rubis.

I find that these are the perfect shades for any occasion! The only shades that I would like to add to my current collection are a dark brown/black colour and a pinky nude.

One of the many reasons that I LOVE these polishes is because of the thick consistency. The only polish that I add a second coat to is Emprise, which is the the nude, and that is only to build up the colour. These polishes are of such amazing quality that no second coat is needed. They can easily last the work week without chipping and doing so without a bottom or top coat (however, I would like to try these products to see if they make any difference!). I do work in an office though. I definitely know that when it comes to working retail jobs – opening and lifting boxes all day ends up breaking your nails no matter what you do.

In my experience, the only con of these products is, like with other Chanel products, the price. These are really expensive and DOUBLE the price of OPI nail polishes in Australia. However, the OPI polishes that I have tried have only been very thin, even after using 2 or 3 coats and have chipped within a day or two.

These polishes are products that I have been collecting over the past few years and I see them as luxury items. The pros to these polishes are not only the amazing quality and end result but they are nail polishes – even though they are pricey they last FOREVER. I used to spend about $60 AUD every 3 or 4 weeks getting French Gel Nails but now prefer to spend that money on a high quality nail polish instead (and only VERY occasionally).

It completely comes down to personal choice regarding if you would like to spend that kind of money on a nail polish but if it is something that you are considering – I personally have no regrets spending the money on mine. One thing that I would definitely recommend is to pop on over to your closest Chanel counter and test them out for yourself!

Have you tried these products? Would you invest in a high end nail polish? What high end products would you invest in? let me know your thoughts! πŸ™‚