Mini Trilogy Rosehip Oil Review


I have heard nothing but amazing reviews on this product and on Rosehip Oil in general and this is another positive review! I have had some issues with this product but will tell you all about it and will continue to use this product.

This particular brand and made of Rosehip Oil is 100% Organic Certified and retails for around $36 AUD in Australia (Priceline) but if you keep an eye out, you can buy this at Chemist Warehouse at a great discounted rate when they have a good sale!

IMG_00001835 - Copy

The benefits of Rosehip Oil in general are as follows;

  • Helps to even out skin tone
  • Hydrates skin
  • Helps with scarring and stretch mars over time
  • Improves appearance of wrinkles

I used to use this product on my face every night however, after a trip to a facialist – I was advised that my pores were completely clogged and it was due to the use of this product as it is such a heavy oil. In my experience with this product, this is the con! I was not noticing any major extra oil production on my face during the day (probably because my pores were clogged) but after having stopped using this product – I am now noticing the difference! Although, everyone’s skin type is completely different – you may not have the same experience!

After my trip to the facialist, I decided against giving this product away or throwing it out – I now instead use this product on my neck pretty much every night. This is something that I did run by the facialist and was given the all okay so if you are finding this to be the case with your skin – there are other uses for this product! Plus, it’s not exactly a cheap/affordable product – you want to make it work!

Have you tried Rosehip Oil? Do you incorporate any other type of oil into your skin care routine? Do you find it to be helpful? Let me know your thoughts! 🙂