Product Empties and Review


I put myself on a product ban at the very start of this year! Basically my plan was that I was not allowed to purchase any beauty products what-so-ever (deodorant and dry shampoo being the exceptions!) until I had completely used up 10-15 of my products. I am proud to say that I have succeeded and without further ado, these are the products that I have gone through;

Paco Robanne Black XS perfume: Hello my name is Hannah and I am a perfume hoarder. To be honest I have put a total perfume ban on myself for at least the next 12 months! This is a 50ml bottle and a great perfume! I have enjoyed using it for every day use but it is strong enough to be an amazing night time/going out perfume as well!

Swisspers Wipes: This is one of those products that I will purchase and continue to re-purchase again and again and again. I use these along with my make-up removing products and toners, to help spot clean my make up brushes and to help remove my nail polish.

Maybelline eye make-up remover: I received this as a free gift with purchase and wasn’t expecting much from this product but I found it to be a great eye make-up remover! It is one of those products that you need to shake up prior to use and just found that it did its job without pulling on my skin too much.

Rimmel black eyeliner: This is a great drugstore eyeliner – I would definitely recommend! I like that the bristles on the applicator are long and not stiff. This is a great eye liner and would re-purchase again in the future!

Models Prefer Blotting Tissues: I may be little bit dramatic by making this statement but I-cannot-live-without-blotting-papers!! I use them every single day and have re-purchased these papers more than 30 times! These retail at $5 at Priceline here in Australia and I have found these to be the cheapest blotting papers to buy in store.

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express mascara: This is hands down my holy grail mascara. I have been re-purchasing this for years now and no matter what product I try – this seems to always out do anything without fail! I already have a brand new unopened one waiting in my collection!

Babylips: I did like this pink-tinted lip balm – my only issue with this in particular is that it was not something that you could layer on. If you did then the colour just started looking really messy. I liked this to give my lips a nice light pink look but prefer to stick with regular non-coloured lip balms on the go!

Biore face Strips: I decided to give these a go to see if they could help with my chin. I just found that due to the obvious curved shape of my chin – these products just didn’t stick to well and did not work as great for me as the nose strips. I will not be re-purchasing.

Loreal Infinium Lumiere Hairspray: This is a product that was given to me as a gift and I have really enjoyed it. No complaints here at all, I am just not too sure if I would repurchase this as I am not fussy with hairspray and will probably just pick up the first thing on the shelf that is on sale!

Batiste Dry Shampoo: This is one of my most absolute FAVOURITE products ever and I will always and forever continue to re-purchase this! I do go through the bottles rather quickly but always pick these up on sale. I definitely recommend!

Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer: This is such a popular product and I can definitely see why! This product is not overly thick or heavy, is blendable and buildable and I have not had any troubles at all when it comes to creasing! I will say that I use a powder to set this but nonetheless I would re-purchase this!

Revlon Colourstay Whipped Foundation: This is my holy grail full coverage foundation and is a product that I have re-purchased time and time again. If you are after a full coverage drugstore foundation, I definitely recommend this product. I already have a backup waiting and ready!

Chanel Lipgloss 92: This isn’t technically all of the way empty but it is most definitely time for this to go. I kind of found this hidden away in my collection and it is embarrassing to know just how long I have owned this for! It is about 90-95% finished and I wouldn’t repurchased because my style has changed.

Bioderma cream: I use this product every single day that I wear make-up. It is the first thing that I put on my face and it just helps to matte your face and help control the sebum on your face throughout the day. I really do feel that this makes a difference to my skin!

Jean Paul Gaultier Parlez-Moi d’Amour perfume: I have had this perfume for quite a while as I was scared to use it all up! It is a floral rose scented perfume and a perfect spring/summer scent. The bottle is a 10ml bottle and probably the cutest perfume bottle that I have seen – I will definitely keep this!

Nivea Stay Clear Toner: This was a drug store toner that did its job. I will definitely say that it is a light product – it is not a strong toner that really strips off all of the dirt and make-up from your face. If you are using this at the end of the day – this wouldn’t be the only product that you would use. I will not re-purchase, just because I prefer toners that will get A LOT of the dirt off of my face.