February Beauty Favourites


This year I have made it a mission to use most of what I have up before making new purchases and just mainly re-purchasing staple I-cannot-live-without products. It’s a great idea because it allows me to re-discover products that have been sitting in my collection and I am finding a lot of new faves!

Ardell Babies Lashes: These lashes are absolutely perfect! These are one of the only lashes I have ever used that I do not need to cut in order to fit my eyes. I am able to use these around 4 times before throwing out which is fantastic for the price! I find these lashes are subtle enough so that you can wear them day or night and are very natural looking.

Maybelline One by One Mascara: After making this initial purchase – I was not a fan as the actual wand and bristles are made out of that rubbery material. I found that after using this product a few times I was able to get a certain technique down that actually gave my lashes length and separation. If you have purchased this product and aren’t too happy with it – keep at it and fingers crossed it will work for you too!

Elf Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter: I really love the shade of this concealer and works perfectly for me. The only thing that I don’t like about this product is that the actual consistency is kind of watery. Try to not layer on the product because of its consistency because then it will just look cakey (I have learned from experience!). When using this product – you will definitely need to set it with powder!

Maybelline Fit Me Powder: This is a perfect everyday drugstore powder. I love how affordable this product is and the colour selection is great – I actually have a few of these products in a couple of different shades! I just use this product to touch up my foundation during the day when it starts to look dewy and slightly oily. It lasts forever and I would definitely recommend!

What products have been your favourites through February? Have you been purchasing new products or re-discovering old ones? Do you use any of the above? Let me know your thoughts!