Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum and Moisturizer Review


This is one of those products that I researched thoroughly before buying and tested it in the store at least 3 times. At first I did debate just purchasing one or the other (serum OR moisturiser) but I was repeatedly told and had read time and time again – that these products only really work and give you the result they are advertised to give – if and when used together. Apparently using one or the other just isn’t enough!

The idea behind having two products to use on your skin; a serum and moisturiser can be summed up pretty quickly and easily. The serum is designed to sink and moisturise deeper into your skin and is supposed to be designed to sink that few extra layers that your moisturiser just cannot reach. The idea behind the moisturiser is just to coat your skin to give it that extra moisture and really seal and lock in your serum.

In Australia, the serum retails for around $120 AUD and the moisturiser for around $105 AUD. Recalling these prices makes me cringe but these products do last – I have been using mine for almost 12 months now and I am still not scraping the bottom of these products. I had decided to invest more money into my skin care due to having damaged skin from 5 years of bad acne and also due to wearing foundation 5 days a week for work. I have decided to try to use better quality products for my face in regards to skin care.

I’ll be honest – at first I felt no difference in my skin when using these products AND I was quite disappointed in spending so much money for something I felt that didn’t work for me at the time. If this has happened to you – what I recommend is sticking to it. This is what I have done and now definitely see and feel the difference in my skin after using these products – it just takes some time! As, in Australia, the returns and exchange policies are quite strict when it comes to beauty products and you may not be able to take it back after use – even if you are finding that the products are not performing to what has been advertised!

I usually use both the serum and moisturiser once a day (at night) and only use the serum, on its own, in the morning (along with my Bioderma – always!) and only if my skin is feeling quite dry that day. This is only because I find that when using both the serum and moisturiser in the morning – my skin actually tends to get oilier than usual throughout the day.

The most major con to these products is the price – it is a really expensive combination and something that is hard to recommend as everyone’s skin is completely different and everyone’s skin has different needs. The only other con is with the moisturizer – being in a tub form. I just don’t feel that this is the most hygienic product form that a moisturizer could be in as you are continuously dipping your finger/nail into the product and transferring bacteria. All that I can recommend is to make sure that you wash your hands before moisturising your skin.

The pros to these products is the results! I cannot speak for all but the effect that this combination has had on my skin, over time, has been a really positive one – it has made my skin so soft and smooth – not only after using these products on my face but all day every day. My skin feels hydrated and has the effect that you would expect from a good moisturiser!

Overall, the Chanel Serum and Moisturiser are two products that I will re-purchase. These products have made more of a difference in my skin than any other moisturiser or oil before and I am a huge believer of once you find a good thing – stick with it 😉

Have you tried these products? What is your favourite moisturiser? Do you use a serum? Let me know your thoughts! 🙂