NARS Steven Klein – Product Appreciation Post and Swatches


Hi Lovelies!

This palette is absolutely STUNNING and I am very blessed and lucky to have received this as a surprise gift from my man. Not only does the amazing man listen to me go on about makeup and girly stuff but he got this for me for no reason at all! I seriously have love hearts in my eyes when I see this product it is just simply gorgeous!


This is my fourth ever product from NARS and I cannot say enough good things about it. The packaging itself is just absolutely ridiculously gorgeous. There is a glass plating over the image on the front of the palette so you do not want to drop this on concrete or anything like that as I imagine that it would definitely break! The colours, swatches, consistency and end result of these powders are just perfect!


This palette consists of 1 highlight, 1 contour shade, 1 bronzer and 4 blushes. I am not a person who jumps on the ‘limited edition’ bandwagon with makeup products as there are always so many gorgeous products that come out that if I did – I would be flat broke haha. But I am SO thank-you to having received this and even if I hadn’t – this is something that I definitely would have spent the money on. I have used every shade and love love love. At first glance, the last two blush shades are not something that I would normally go for but they swatch gorgeously and are beautiful additions to my slightly crazy blush collection.


I would definitely recommend this product. Be sure to check it out in store whilst it’s there!! This is a super short and sweet post just absolutely gushing 🙂 ❤


Is this something that you would purchase? Have you swatched this palette? What have you currently got your eye on?


p.s Thank-you again boo ❤ ❤