Philosophy Renewed Hope In a Jar Moisturiser and Eye Cream Review

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Hi Lovelies!!

Before making any Philosophy purchased I researched and researched and researched. I bought the Purity Made Simple cleanser by Philosophy and was not disappointed. I had heard constant raving reviews about the ‘Hope in a Jar’ line but basically nothing about the ‘Renewed’ version. I since found out that the original Hope In a Jar is more so designed for dry skin types and the ‘Renewed’ version for all others. I was looking into a new skin care line as I had run out of my Chanel products and couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on skin care – I would again in the future but my bank account can’t handle it right now haha.


The Philosophy 60ml moisturiser (day) retails for $55.00 in Australian Mecca stores. The jar itself is just a plain tub. I will be honest this does bother me a little for hygiene reasons. You do need to scoop the product out and even if you do wash your hands before each use and application – I can’t quite imagine this product staying bacteria free long term. I would prefer a moisturiser with a pump bottle but for some reason I always find those products to cost more! I think one of the main differences between the original and the ‘Renewed’ moisturiser is that the original Hope in a Jar product does have more of a thick consistency. I find the ‘renewed’ version to be a lighter and not as heavy a cream and this is something that I definitely prefer in a moisturiser. As an oily skin type, I do find that the lighter moisturisers work better for my skin, do not clog up my pores and don’t make my skin produce as much sebum as the thicker consistency moisturisers.


According to the product description on the Mecca Cosmetica website, this product claims; “Featuring a renewed and improved formula, this antioxidant-packed moisturiser helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, skin discolouration, rough texture and dehydration.”. I don’t know how well it works in regards to reducing the appearance of wrinkles as I am 23 years old and more so in the stage of preventing and not fighting wrinkles (or gravity!).  I would say the same with skin discolouration – I do definitely have that but do not really notice any immediate results. In regards to helping reduce rough texture and dehydration – I completely agree. If you put this product on your skin and touch your face about 30 mins later after the product has had the time to really sink into your skin – you will feel the difference. My skin most definitely feels softer and hydrated!


The Philosophy 15ml eye cream also retails for $55.00 in Australian Mecca stores. There is a huge difference in the bottle sizes yet the price is the same – eye creams are always expensive!  I will admit it is hard to part with $55.00 for a teeny tiny bottle but this product has been working really well for my skin. If you are thinking the same, just focus on the fact that you only use a teeny tiny amount of eye cream compared to moisturiser as you only need to apply to a very small area on your face. As opposed to moisturiser where you slather it on all over. I will admit I do have the same issue with this product just in regards to how it is in a tub and you also have to scoop the product out. I know that this is very very common with eye creams – I just worry about the possibility of bacteria getting into the product over time and then basically putting it all over my eyes – that’s a scary thought!

According to the product description on the Mecca Cosmetica website, this product claims; Algae extracts help to reduce the look of dark circles and puffiness for an energised, youthful appearance. Skin around the eyes appears brighter, tighter and re-texturised.”. I do have the same point as previously mentioned in regards to wrinkles! I can definitely say that this product does help in regards to reducing puffiness and keeping the delicate skin hydrated. I do not struggle too bad with dark circles and always use a concealer in my makeup routine so this does not bother me so much which is why I probably haven’t noticed any results in regards to this. It is not really something that I keep an eye on and monitor!

I have been using these two products in conjunction with each other for around 3 months now and I am about halfway through both products.  I am really happy that my money spent on these products have gone a long way and will last me quite a while. These products are basically scent-less, they do not irritate my skin whatsoever and I definitely feel the difference on my skin after using these products. If you are looking for high end skin care products but do not want to spend as much as Chanel, Dior etc – I definitely recommend Philosophy! I have been so happy with these products that I will definitely be checking out more from their range and would not hesitate to re-purchase this moisturiser and eye cream in the future.

What skin care brands do you use? Have you tried the Philosophy products? Have you tried the products mentioned in this post?