Product Empties and Review #4


Hi Lovelies!

Today I would like to share with you another empties post – I love love love these blog posts. I love writing my own and reading others. I find that even though the reviews are super mini – they get to the point really quickly and you know that it is not one of those reviews written after only using a product once or twice!

MAC Cleanse Off Oil: This is an interesting product but one I’m not too sure I would buy again. This is a product that you are supposed to use first in your make up removal routine. It just kind of lifts the product from your skin and you use a face wash after. This product costs AUD $37.00 and I would be curious to see if you could just get the job done with a product like baby oil. I didn’t mind the cleanse off oil – I just found that this extra step and product in my routine wasn’t necessary. I think this would be better suited to dry skin types.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser: I really enjoy this product. It’s so affordable and I don’t find it to be too harsh on my skin. I find that after using – my skin does feel slightly tight but this product does a great job of not only cleansing but of getting rid of most of the make-up on my face which I find rare in a light cleanser! This is a product that I have purchased a couple of times and would buy it again.

Dior J’Adore Perfume: This is a perfume that I have had for soooo long. It is a 50ml and is definitely not a light scent. This is something that I got in one of those Christmas holiday sets a couple of years ago and not necessarily a perfume that I would go out and buy. I really loved it when I first got it but after time, I just got a little sick of the scent and it’s not one that I necessarily like anymore but I definitely wanted to use it up!

Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume: This is a great perfume! I always get compliments on this scent, this is my second bottle and is SO affordable! When this perfume is on sale at Chemist Warehouse – the 100ml bottle is $20.00 or less. I have never met someone who doesn’t like it – it’s a perfect every day scent. I would recommend this and would possibly re-purchase in the future.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume: I LOVED this and was sad to see it go! It was the 50ml bottle and my man loved the smell of this one. It is a beautiful light, floral, fresh scent and is one of those perfumes that soo many people love. I probably wouldn’t re-purchase just because there are SO many perfumes out there that I really want to try out. I am a huge perfume lover!

Garnier Micellar Water: I have actually written a review on this product and I really did enjoy it. I would re-purchase in the future if I were in the market for an affordable micellar water product! I feel like there have been so many mixed reviews on this product but I didn’t have any troubles with it what-so-ever and it really did work for me.

Real Nature Hydro Gel Mask: This was my first ever sheet mask and was the green tea version. I will admit, it will take some getting used to with the sheet masks! They don’t exactly cling to your skin as well as I thought they would and did have a little difficulty but I do already have a bunch of different sheet masks and will definitely be using them all!

YSL Touche Eclat: I really did absolutely love this product. This is another one that I am definitely sad to see go! The consistency, colour and end result were all absolutely beautiful and I can see why it is YSL’s highest selling beauty product! This is something that I would definitely consister re-purchasing in the future and would recommend you swatching in store.

Revlon Photoready 3D Mascara: I also really really loved this mascara and already have a brand new backup in my collection! This is perfect for separating and slightly lengthening with only a little bit of volumne. It is the perfect mascara for an all natural look with ZERO clumps. I think this is possibly the third tube that I have gone though. I love this!

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara: I did like this mascara but not on it’s own. I would use this as the final touch on my lashes just to add a little length and volume and as a second mascara. I found that when using solely this product on my lashes – it would actually weigh them down and because the formula was so thick, my lashes would stick together and clumps were not uncommon. I probably wouldn’t re-purchase but already have another in my collection!

Red Cherry 601 lashes: I also really enjoyed these lashes. I am a huge fan of whispy lashes and the more natural they look – the better! I currently own a ton of Red Cherry lashes. They are affordable, easy to apply and come in SO many different styles that you are definitely bound to find something that you like. I would re-purchase!

Garnier Oil Clear Self-Heating Mask: This came in a 2 pack and I did throw away the other sachet after use. I really did enjoy this face mask! I was a little intimidated about the ‘self heating’ advertising – I was afraid that it would feel as though my face were burning but this was not the case at all. I found this to be a great deep cleansing mask and I am glad that I have another 2!

Ovale Face Paper: I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these blotting papers. They are just beyond fantastic and I wish that these were stocked in Australia and at the same price that I paid whilst I was in bali! I am very glad that I have heaps of packets left. I just can’t get enough!

Previously mentioned empties: Johnson’s make up wipes, Bioderma cream, ModelsPrefer blotting papers, Macadamia Deep Repair Mask, Batiste Dry Shampoo

What are your latest empty products? Have you tried any of the above? Am I the only one who has mixed feelings about going through my products? Happy that my $$$ wasn’t wasted and that I actually go through entire products but kinda sad because you have to re-purchase? Haha! 🙂 ❤